Intro & Devices

The Raising A Ninja podcast is a family affair. My thoughts on parenting along with my daughter Leiyah. Hopefully you enjoy the crazy awesome style of parenting we enjoy. Everything from devices, friendship, time and all things about raising a kid in the digital age.

Leiyah has had a phone since she was 4 years old. She has never lost a phone or broken a phone. The rules are simple WE follow them and that helps her keep her phone in good shape.

  • Phone is in a case with a bag. Small backpack/purse. NO BAG NO PHONE they must be together when leaving the house or friends house. I can easily see if she forgets the bag.. where is it?

  • NO Password sharing with anyone who isn’t your mother or father.

  • NO Phone in the car. (after reading age i provided comics or other things to read or we listen to music and talk together.

  • Bed time phone is charged in the living room or common area.

  • 25 Pushups and sit ups everyday. Don’t do it lose your phone for as many days as you don’t. (I work and pay the bill she can work for her phone.)

Hope you enjoyed the first EP.