Making with Pi 3 B+ Fun Times

This week I was on TWIT aka This Week In Tech and offered to give away some Raspberry Pi 3 B+! People also asked what I used them for.. I figured this would be an easier way to answer and also give some suggestions to the winners. If you won…Congrats! If you didn’t Keep an eye out on an email. I will be giving away some when I start up IQMZ Tech again in a week or two.

I personally use them to make magic mirrors but Leiyah used it to make her own Alexa.. and we hid the mic in a teddy bear so she messes with her friends.

My Top 5 Raspberry Pi Projects 5. Alexa on Raspberry Pi 3 with Auto-Boot - 4. Google Home on Raspberry Pi 3 with a button - 4. Google Home AIY Kit with Auto-Boot - 4. AIY Kit with Servos and LEDs Tutorial - 3.

These 10 things are ADVANCED!!

If you wanna dive deep here ya go:

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